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Reference Services Policy

As an integral component of the University’s educational mission, the primary role of the University Library is to teach its patrons effective search techniques and to train them in the use of library resources for their research and information needs. Therefore, the reference staff will, whenever possible, not only provide information and answers, but will assist patrons to research independently.

  1. In-Person Services: In-person reference services are provided at the Research Help Desk on the 2nd floor of the library. This desk is staffed by a combination of library faculty and staff, and by library student assistants who are trained to refer research questions to library faculty members. CSU-Pueblo students, faculty, and staff will be given preferential service should a situation exist when all people requiring assistance cannot be served in the appropriate manner. If the librarian on duty feels that a question may require more in-depth assistance than can be provided at the desk, he or she may suggest scheduling a longer consultation with the patron. Research consultation services are available to all patrons by appointment. Contact the Research Help Desk at 549-2333 for more information.
  2. Telephone Reference Services: In order to facilitate the best possible customer service for its on-site patrons, the following policy will apply. Staff will provide telephone ready-reference assistance if a question can be answered within the time frame (2-3 minutes) recognized as reasonable for that type of assistance. If a question cannot be answered within that time, the reference staff member will take a telephone number and return the call as soon as an answer can be found.
  3. Email Reference Services: Staff will provide email reference assistance to anyone within the usual turnaround time of 48 hours provided that the request for help falls within parameters outlined above. Email your questions to a librarian!
  4. Text Message Reference: The library's text messaging number is (719) 425-4045. Patrons may text questions to the reference staff who will respond in accordance with our internal text message service guidelines. This service is available all hours the library is open.

Questions regarding reference services should be directed to the Research Help Desk at (719) 549-2333.

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