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Periodicals Policy

Periodicals may be checked-out just as books, documents, and other materials, with the exception of current year issues, which will remain library use only.

Volumes or issues, except for current year issues, may be taken to the circulation desk and be barcoded at the time of checkout. Circulation staff are responsible for making sure that no current year issues are checked-out.

The checkout period is always 48 hours. There are no exceptions.

Periodicals may be checked-out by University students, faculty, and staff only. All will have the same 48-hour time period. The overdue fine is 50 cents per day.

In the event that issues or volumes are lost, the patron will be charged a fee equal to the replacement cost for the periodical. In some cases, if the volume or issue is older, it will need to be replaced by microfilm or microfiche. If a periodical is returned damaged, we will charge a minimum $15 processing fee or a replacement cost if the item is unusable. The supervisor of the periodicals department or the Collection Development Librarian will evaluate the damage and determine if it can be fixed and still usable, or if it will need to be replaced. The Collection Development Librarian will determine the cost of replacement.

Statistics will be kept on the number of check-outs and the number of lost or damaged items returned. If lost or damaged articles are excessive, or become too difficult to replace, this policy may be rescinded at any time.

Updated 2008