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University Archives Access & Use Policy

The access and use policy for the University Archives and Special Collections (UASC) is designed to both encourage access to the materials in the collections and to ensure that the materials are both protected and preserved for future use.

  1. Access to materials: Materials are generally housed in the UASC because they are unique, rare or fragile. These items therefore do not circulate. Materials are available for use by any and all researchers between the hours of 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, although specific hours may vary. It is recommended that potential users call in advance to schedule an appointment with the university archivist or to confirm current hours. Researchers will be asked to fill out a registration form before using any material.
  2. Classroom instruction: Faculty members are encouraged to contact the university archivist to develop specialized instruction sessions utilizing rare and historic materials. Use of the UASC gives students valuable experience accessing primary source material.
  3. Preservation concerns: Due to their nature, materials in the UASC require special care when handling. Researchers must maintain the original order of all materials used. If something appears out of order, please inform the university archivist. Pencils may be used to take notes while working with materials; ink could cause irreversible damage and must be avoided. No food or drink is permitted in the reading room. Materials may not be leaned on, written on, folded, traced or handled in any way likely to damage them.
  4. Reproductions and copying:
    • All photocopying and scanning will be done by the USAC staff. Some material may be unavailable for reproduction due to the items’ fragility. Use the markers provided to indicate the items to be duplicated.
    • The copyright law of the United States (U.S. Code, Title 17) governs the making of reproductions of copyrighted material. The UASC does not control the copyright of all of the materials in the collections. It is the responsibility of the researcher to obtain permission for use of any material where copyrights, literary property rights, or other forms of ownership of intellectual property may apply, in conformance with the provisions of the United States Copyright law. Photocopies and scans are provided for scholarship and research purposes only and may not be further reproduced.

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